QUESTION: Why has my paycheck been locked or blocked? How can I prevent this from happening? 

ANSWER: Blocking and locking checks is done in order to avoid an overpayment situation from occurring when you have flown under your base guarantee for the month. (Under your base) occurs when there are dropped trips or unpaid sick or something else that a Flight Attendant does that prevents them from flying their scheduled line for the month.

TUL payroll identifies Flight Attendants who have 50 hours or less (this is referred to as UNDERTIME for the previous month) and sends a list to pay comp for review and approval. Pay comp then provides TUL payroll with the actual flying hours (if any) that the Flight Attendants on this list have flown so that they will be paid for the actual hours flown on the end of month check. 

If you receive a note from pay comp that your next pay check will be blocked and you have any questions, please contact TUL payroll (800-447-2000) or email your pay comp auditor.