Cancellation Pay/Guarantee Credit

Examples of Cancellation/Pay Guarantee Credit

Pursuant to Section 4.C. of your agreement, you will always be paid the greatest of:

� Your Actual Flight Hours for the Month

� 75 Hour Minimum Monthly Guarantee

� 96% of the Scheduled Hours on Your Final Bid Award

This concept is used in all of the following examples. These examples are designed to assist you in calculating and determining whether or not your monthly pay is correct.

Lines Built at or Below GuaranteeLines Built Above the Guarantee

Unpaid RemovalsAssigned New Flying

Trip Trades & TTOTOpen Time

Junior Man & Extensions

It is also important to remember that a Flight Attendant available for a full month will be guaranteed ninety-six percent 96% of the scheduled flight hours awarded on her/his final bid award. However, those scheduled flight hours will be adjusted pursuant to certain events that occur throughout the month. A Flight Attendant's scheduled flight hours will be reduced if a she/he trip trades for a trip worth a lesser value than their original trip, drops any flight time, misses a trip(s) due to illness, PO, PE, non occupational injury etc., where there is not paid time available, or missed assignments. Conversely, a Flight Attendant's scheduled flight hours will be increased to include any time added due to assignment of new flying, junior manning or extensions.