Jeffery Myles Activity Reports


15 calls Via 1888 service 20 calls from all bases
conference call with Heather Healy
Did a presentation for the AEA new hires
Attended my EAP conference in MCO for re certification LAP C and NAADAC Labor Assistance Professional Certified,National Certified Addiction Counselor I
making plans for a new film for EAP 2011
Jeffrey Myles


28 calls VIA 1-888 service and CER
Conference call with AMR preparing EAP video  for recurrent and new hirer training
Conference call with INTL EAP
Working on Holidays articles this is a hard time for many people for our AFA web site
Meeting in DFW with AA training Department



20 Calls VIA 1888 # from all bases and CER

Meeting with AA EAP in DFW

Meeting with Piper Sanders DFW

Worked on plans for EAP project DFW

Renee Freeman Meeting in DFW

Worked on EAP meeting for PBI

Conference call with all EAP REPS

Conference Call with treatment center in West Palm