Joint Implementation & Contract Implementation 


Committee Members: 

Debora Sutor

Diana Kishaba

Richard Wrede

Armando Ramos

In one of the side-letters of our new contract with the company under "Implementation Agreement" reads:

The parties further agree that upon ratification by the Union membership, a Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) will be created, the purpose of which is to ensure the Agreement is implemented consistent with the intent of the parties and to quickly resolve issues relating to implementation.

a. The JIC will consist of three (3) members chosen by management, and three (3) members chosen by the Union. The members must include participants in the direct discussions during the negotiations period. Either side may allow staff or other representatives to participate.

b. The jurisdiction of the JIC will be limited to resolving implementation issues and those issues concerning any new side letters, and new or amended provisions.

c. The JIC will meet as necessary, at either party's request, commencing with the ratification of the Agreement. The meetings will continue until the Agreement is fully implemented but no later then March 1, 2006. At that time the jurisdiction of the JIC will cease unless it is extended by mutual agreement.

d. Should the parties be unable to resolve issues regarding intent of the Agreement, the parties will use the services of a mediator for the purpose of mediating the dispute. The joint chosen mediator will have jurisdiction for no more then sixty (60) days and no later then May 1, 2005. Any such mediation process will not be admissible in any future grievance, system board of adjustment hearing, arbitration or any other proceeding. The actions of the JIC or any mediator advisory opinion will not be subject to review under Sections 21 or 22 of the Agreement.

REPRESENTING THE COMPANY: Cathy Jacobs (Vice President-Human Resources); Linda Kunz (Vice President-Flight Service); Doug Matalucci (Manager-Crew Scheduling); Tammy Coffey (Regional Managing Director-Flight Service; Stephanie Babish (called "Counsel" - but not an attorney), Keith Curtis (Crew Scheduling)

REPRESENTING THE UNION: Diana Kishaba (AFA Negotiating Team); Armando Ramos (AFA System Board Member); Debora Sutor (Chair-MEC Grievance Committee); Richard Wrede (AFA Senior Staff Attorney)