MEC President

Robert Barrow


I was hired at American Eagle in June of 1999, and have been based in DFW for a total of 8 years.  I was also in ORD for two years, and did TDY there in 2001.  During my first few years in DFW, I can remember that our leaders during that time seemed not to exist.  I took the initiative to start collecting e-mail addresses of friends to keep them informed on any announcements by the company.  After a while, my e-mail group swelled to over 300 FA's based in DFW and ORD. During this time we had just started section 6 negotiations with the company.  I felt that information was nearly non-existent to the line-flying FA's and spent a majority of my time questioning the reason behind the secrecy.  Some of our then leaders referred to me as a union-basher, when all I wanted was information regarding what was going on.  It was then that I decided if I wanted to know I needed to refocus my approach.  I volunteered to join our info-rep committee in DFW.  Soon after I was on the MEC as the Chaos Command Chair, should we have gone on strike, I along with the MEC Vice-President, would have organized all the strike activities.  Once our contract was ratified, I spent most of my time thoroughly reviewing our new language to ensure I understood most of what was contained in it.  I felt at that point I was ready to join the grievance committee in DFW once I completed grievance training.  I went from being a grievance representative to co-chair of the committee.

In 2007 I was elected LEC President of Local 52, working alongside Marti Carnes (VP) and Carol Harper (SEC).  We have worked hard on ensuring that we address all issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.  Every month we meet with the company in our local partnership meeting to address contractual and base issues brought to us by the membership.  Our member involvement has been great and we continue to add new Union volunteers. 

My motto to members who call seeking assistance has always been, "No question is a stupid question when you don�t know the answer".  I look forward to serving you all as the MEC President and know that should any of you have any questions you can reach me at or give me a call at 214-336-3509. 

I am very proud of our MEC and the work they have accomplished over the past two years, and look forward to our future.

In Solidarity,

Robert Barrow

Master Executive Council President Duties

The President shall be the official Union spokesperson and chief executive officer for that airline and shall have the authority and duty to:

(1) Be responsible for and charged with administering the policies of that Master Executive Council, and implementing the objectives and policies announced by the Board of Directors and Executive Board.

(2) Be responsible for the expeditious processing of members' complaints and grievances.

(3) Be the Union representative on that airline for the purpose of furthering and implementing the objectives and policies announced by the Board of Directors and Executive Board.

(4) Coordinate and compile Master Executive Council policy, review reports and recommendations and submit such material to the appropriate committees of the Union.

(5) Be a member of the Negotiating Committee.

(6) Be a member of the Executive Board.

(7) Be granted the privilege of the floor at all meetings of the Board of Directors, but shall have no vote, if not also a Local Council President.

(8) Be responsible for and supervise the business and managerial functions of the Union on that carrier.

(9) Consult with and be assisted by the Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer.

(10) Ballot the Master Executive Council if necessary or when required.

(11) Keep a current and accurate inventory of all Union property and supplies purchased or provided by the Union and submit a copy of this to the International Secretary-Treasurer of the Union.

(12) Inform all Master Executive Council Officers and committees that all files, correspondence, documents and other materials resulting from the work of such committees are the property of the Union, not the personal property of individuals, and are to be safeguarded.

(13) Maintain the Union's files and transfer them to her/his successor promptly.