MEC Vice-President

Deb McDougald


 I have been a Flight Attendant for American Eagle for 9 years, and I am based in ORD where I have been since I started working for American Eagle.

Approximately one year after starting work with American Eagle. I became an active Union lobbyist. My first position for the Union was as an information Representative, I then took a course and became a grievance representative. After working as a grievance Representative in ORD I was given the opportunity to become the LEC grievance chair for Chicago. In February of 2005 I was voted in by the MEC as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Master Executive Council. In 2008 I was voted in as the MEC Vice President.

While there is a lot of extra work, time away from my family, etc. There is no better gratification then knowing I was able to be a part in improving the quality of Flight Attendants lives and being able to assist and help a person when at times they feel there is no one else to turn to.

If anyone is in need of any assistance you can reach me at 253-576-8172 or email me at

The MEC Vice President shall:

(1)  Function under the jurisdiction of the President in carrying out the policies and directives of the Master Executive Council.

(2)  Perform the duties of the President at her/his request or in the absence of the President.

(3)  Be granted the privilege of the floor at all Master Executive Council and Board of Directors meetings, but shall have no vote if not also a Local Council President.