Mobilization Committee


Committee Chair: Preston Petrosie



This chairperson shall mobilize and educate the membership about the upcoming negotiations.


1. MEC Mobilization Chair is responsible for collecting and maintaining a list of Reps from all bases. (Name, address, phone numbers and email addresses)

2. Schedule, coordinate and attend all trainings and meetings.

3. Maintain all forms of communication to and from negotiating committee, LEC Presidents and Local Reps.

4. Keep the MEC and LEC Presidents informed on the progress of the Mobilization program (Monthly)

5. Receive information to be passed on to the Membership from the Negotiating Committee.

6. Plan and Coordinate with the MEC Vice President all mobilization activities.

7. Communicate with LEC Reps at least twice a month.

8. Ensure that you and all Local Reps have all materials needed i.e., cards info flyers etc.

9. Provide feedback to the Negotiating Committee, making them aware of member concerns.

10. Educate Members about the issues (no less then monthly)

11. Familiarize members with the provisions of the Railway Labor Act. Prepare them for the length of time it may take to reach an agreement, and explain the steps in the process.

12. Provide monthly updates to the MEC and Negotiating Committee.

Note - Each LEC Rep should report their activity to the MEC Mobilization Chair monthly.



1. MEC Mobilization Chairs term is in place until such time as an agreement is reached and ratified.

2. The MEC may at any time replace the MEC Mobilization Chair by a majority vote.