Out-Station Sick Calls

May 1, 2006

To:      All Flight Attendants

From:  Flight Service

RE:      Calling off Sick at an Outstation

Dear Flight Attendant,

In recent days, we have had a number of Flight Attendants calling off sick from an outstation during their sequence.  When this occurs, there are a number of steps that need to be followed to ensure the smooth process of returning you to your base.

 - If you become ill and/or injured during a sequence, and are out of domicile and you will not be able to continue working you must contact Crew Scheduling ASAP and inform them of the situation.

 - Crew Scheduling will advise you to contact a Flight Service Manager prior to you being able to return (deadheaded) to domicile.  If you are ill/injured away from domicile, CREW SCHEDULING CAN NOT AUTHORIZE YOU TO RETURN TO DOMICILE.

 - When you speak with a Flight Service Manager you will be informed that you need to obtain medical clearance, before a Flight Service Manager can give Crew Scheduling the authorization for you to be returned (deadheaded) to domicile.

NOTE:  You do not need to be cleared to Full Duty.  You need only to be "Cleared To Fly" by a medical professional.

 - If you are unable to be cleared to fly and must remain at the outstation, hotel accommodations will be set-up by Crew Scheduling. You are required to keep your Flight Service Manager informed of your status and when you have been cleared to fly.

You may request that your Flight Service Manger arrange for you to return to your domicile by ground transportation. This is known as a surface deadhead. Additionally, you may ask your Flight Service Manager to be released. When you are released, you will then be responsible for securing your own travel home.

Per the Company's travel policy you are not eligible to receive a pass, reduced rate, jumpseat (cabin/cockpit) or any other travel privilege on AA or any other carrier, unless such travel is specifically approved in advance by your supervisor.

If you have any questions on this procedure, please stop by or call your Flight Service Office.