Overpayment Procedures and Forms





Eagle Flight Attendant Overpayment Recovery Process

1. When an Eagle Flight Attendant becomes overpaid, the OverPayment Team puts an overpayment letter check message (attached Form A) on the check where the overpayment is moved or on the check where the overpayment is netted down.  Eagle is contacted via e-mail (attached Form B) with the employee name and number, overpayment amount, desired payment amount (equal to one days wages per pay period), and the repayment form (attached Form C).  The employee or Manager can contact Payroll Customer Service (PCS) if the suggested payment amount needs to be modified.

2. The overpayment is moved two periods into the future.  For those on LOA, once the employee returns, their overpayment is moved two periods in the future.  The OverPayment Team contacts Eagle (attached Form B) with the employee name, number, overpayment amount, desired repayment amount, the required date when TUL OverPayment Team needs the form, the date of the check where recovery will begin and the repayment form. A check message (attached Form D) is placed on their first two checks upon return to work, reminding them of their overpayment and who to contact.

3. When the form is received back in TUL Payroll, the OverPayment Team sets up the payment plan and puts an agreement check message (attached Form D) on all checks where the overpayment will recover (this does not include adjustment or on-demand special checks).  Note:  the repayment plan begins immediately upon receipt of the form regardless of the required date given on the e-mail.

4. Failure to establish a payment plan within two pay periods will be deemed a rejection of each and every method of repayment proposed.  In that situation, Company practice currently dictates that we recover the entire overpayment balance.