Tentative Agreement Information Page

Fellow Flight Attendants,

As reported earlier this week, your Negotiating Team reached a tentative agreement during mid-term talks with management that would replace the Amendment Round negotiations if ratified by you, the membership. 

  •  Hourly Pay Increases:

*Rates in 16/17 inclusive of the 1.5% scheduled increase.  Retained longevity increase from $2.00 to $3.00 starting in year 2017.

  • Hourly Per Diem Effective: 

3/1/2016 $1.75

1/1/2017 $1.80

1/1/2018 $1.85

1/1/2019 $1.90

1/1/2020 $1.95

  •  Reserve Standby:

If ratified, Flight Attendants who are scheduled for airport stand-by will now receive an operational pay credit of 3.45 hours.  Each day will be paid at the greater of vs. hours flown.  For example, if scheduled for SBTY, and you fly a 2-hour turn, you will be credited for pay purposes the 3.45 hours.  If you sit stand-by and perform no flying you will be credited with 3.45 for pay purposes.  If scheduled for airport stand-by and you end up flying 5 hours your pay credit will be 5 hours. 

  • Profit Sharing based on AAG Profits!