Air Safety, Health and Security

Committee Chair: Open

H O T    T O P I C S.  .  .

****New Uniform Phone Number is 1-800-872-7456****
              Select prompts 2, 2, 5 and 2.  
****This supersedes any previous numbers provided!***

Uniform Update:  What do I do?

Instructions to secure an alternative uniform:

Pregnant or nursing? 

Got symptoms?

Got garment(s)?

Future steps:
More questions? Contact AFA - MEC Safety Health & Security Chair: AFA favors progressive uniform policies that prioritize Flight Attendants’ health and wellbeing.

AFA-Envoy: Contact Mary Oswald, or 815-222-1908.
AFA-Piedmont: Contact Kimberley Bohr, or 757-343-8509.
AFA-PSA: Contact Megan Hughes, or 513-265-8658.
A backup option, contact AFA’s Judith Anderson, or 206-932-6237