PBS: April 2016 Published Runs Report

April 2016

Pairing values were boosted in April by the return of CDO lines, which removed inefficient flying from the pairings package for PBS. The results this month were surprisingly positive as a result. In both domiciles there were a handful of bidders who bid directly to RSV, and there were a few junior FA’s with vacation credit who were able to hold lines. The ‘break’ between RSV and line holders was clear in both domiciles.

Minimum credit lines were also helpful in creating quality lines for both bases. In ORD the 5% required by contract was 35 awards; we were able to award 50. In DFW the 5% required was 26; we awarded 75. In recent months we have included a table which depicted seniority numbers and the use of waivers for line holding, however, that table isn't quite accurate when we consider that junior FAs with scheduled vacation may be able to hold wihtout waivers due to the credit available.

No lineholders were given coverage awards in either base.

In ORD there were 131 RSV lines awarded and in DFW there were 144. For DFW there were 27 RSV FAs who received coverage awards, and in ORD there were no RSV FAs who received coverage awards.

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