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The hotels we contract for our layovers are all non-smoking properties.  If you arrive at your room and it smells like smoke, cigarettes or marijuana, go directly to the front desk and report it!  Even if you're tired and it's been a long day....please notify the front desk.  I don't want anyone accused of smoking when it didn't actually happen.  If you are a smoker, do NOT smoke in the crew hotel rooms.  Please use outside facilities provided.

Items are disappearing from crew rooms.  Do not take anything you didn't bring.  Maybe a "preview" is in order.  Walk through the room and take note of items that are for your use IN THE ROOM and items that you can take (shampoo, conditioner, lotion). 

Thank you for your attention to these issues


"This is why we can't have nice things!"

Heard this before?  Turns out, it's true.

The hotel in Fargo, one of our very best, has found items missing from the crew rooms.  Do not take anything with you that you didn't bring!

This is jeopardizing our relationship with the hotel and could result in us having to change properties in FAR.  

We all know how it feels when things "disappear". Please do not put us in this situation.

Thank you,

Your Hotel Committee