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Committee Chair: Julie Lusk

Email: jlusk@afaeagle.com

Phone: 817-874-0033

Hotel Committee Members

From The Chair:

Greetings All,

Latest Report: May 2, 2017

Our regularly scheduled round-table meeting was with the Company last week. API and EA Procedures are always included as well.

A Few Updates:
CAE move to Doubletree Hotel beginning May 1

CHA signed with TownePlace Suites May 1
COU renewed with Holiday Inn Executive Center
DBQ renewed with Clarion
EVV signed with Clarion
GCK renewed with Clarion
GRR signed with Crowne Plaza, we'll not be returning to the Ramada
LEX new ground transport company affective apr01
MFE signed with Drury Inn
QRO renewed with Hampton Inn
RST signed with Hampton Inn Rochester
TVC renewed with Cambria Suites
TYR renewed with Holiday Inn South Broadway

Upcoming Contracts:
IND...waiting on sourcing information
FAR...waiting on sourcing information
LRD...renew upon return service
ATL...renew upon return service
GPT...source on return service
CHS...waiting on sourcing information
CMI...renew upon return service
CMH-Lwaiting on sourcing information
EYW...source on return service
LAW...renew on return service
LBB...waiting for sourcing information


Current Site Visits:
BUF...completed awaiting decision
YYZ...completed awaiting decision
TRC 8-10may
CLE ...tba

Target List Includes:

We'll see some new cities and return service for the next few months. Please check your "mycrewhotels" for the most up to date personalized hotel info.  

Please send in CrewCare reports for all issues. Using this link ensures that all involved departments are included. I love getting emails from my crew members, but also send a CrewCare.  

CrewCare has gotten an upgrade...did you notice? 
It's easier to complete and search for details about our contracted hotels. Keep in mind, that any ad-hoc or temporary hotel will not be listed and is not under contract. That means they are not held to the same rules as our contracted hotel partners. Please call CrewScheduling if you experience any issues. There is a space for these "other" hotels in the drop down menu...however, you MUST tell us what hotel and city.

Please see the new and updated USER GUIDE for CrewCare in the website. Hotels 101 info sheet will also be posted in afaeagle.com for your reference. This includes some basic tips and guidelines for any crew member at a layover.

We all love social media! It keeps us in touch with friends and family. Please don't post your whereabouts on these sites! Not only are you telling bad guys where you are...you're also telling them that you're not at home.  Be smart!  Be safe!

We're all super excited that our LGA base is back up and running. For those that are TDY or standby, you'll notice some changes at the LGA Plaza. Most of the rooms are complete and the crew members should be on the quieter side of the hotel. Please contact the front desk with issues or questions here.

What happens to your CrewCare report?  It is received immediately by AFA and ALPA as well as API and, of course, Envoy. They are responded to by API/Envoy. Do you ever go back and look? You might see a message asking for more information. "resolved" on the case file means that it has been read and reviewed and some action has been taken. This may not mean the issue is resolved to your liking, but it has been addressed. Please send general comments about our hotels to your AFA and ALPA reps.

With some help from my computer savvy fellow FAs, I'm putting together a huge list of where we go and the effective dates. This will be shared soon.

Please send questions and comments,
Your AFA Hotel Committee

Ever wonder how we decide which hotels to use? How did we end up in this place?

Just over 4 years ago, AE decided that paying AA Contract & Acquisitions department was costing too much money. They were deep in savings mode.  This department had been overseeing our hotel contracts for as long.....


    Do you have bugs??    Have you seen bugs?    Been bitten by bugs?
    We've talked about bed bugs and other insect problems many times before, but it's nice to have a refresher once in a while.  Also, we have new FAs on board who will need to know this information.

    When you enter your hotel room, here's what you do:
    -check the bed for evidence of bedbugs (small, brownish stains...check out bedbugcentral.com for photos)

    -check the places bedbugs like to hide, behind the headboard/wood cracks and crevices in the nightstand or anyplace you would consider the "least disturbed" area of the room.  The buggies only come out at night and only for a few short hours (1am-5am or so).  You will not see them crawling across the floor or on surfaces. Use your flashlight!

    -NEVER put luggage on the bed, dresser or floor.  Put luggage on a metal luggage stand or if a wooden one is available, place a plastic bag (lg trash bag) between the rack and your bag.  You could also place your suitcase in the bathtub...BEDBUGS cannot climb up smooth surfaces.

    What if I see evidence of bedbugs?
    Take off your PJs right away!  Remove your personal items immediately from luggage.  Heat is the only proven killer of bedbugs, so make sure you toss everything into a dryer. 

    Call the front desk/manager and have them come check your room personally.  Take pictures (phone) and document to whom you spoke and when, room number, times etc.  Pick up the little buggie in a bag (if you can stand it).  American Eagle will work with the crew member in replacing luggage and medical expenses incurred IF the room is inspected and the tests are POSITIVE for bedbugs.  Please remember that there are many more bugs than people on this planet and we're bound to run into them.  Just because it's a bug, it might not be a bedbug.  We want to know anytime you are bitten though, so please send a detailed CrewCare asap.

    Report to AFA and the company asap!  We'll want to have ALL hotels you've visited check for bugs.  I don't want to be the next crew member in that room where you saw bugs!

    We will ask that the room be taken out of service (standard practice for the exterminators) and that crew members are placed elsewhere for a few months, just to be sure it's "clean". 

    Was I bitten?
    Most folks will never know if they've been bitten by bedbugs. About 50-58% of people do not attract them at all.  It can take up to 11 days for bites to become visible, so it's never a sure thing.  Doctors cannot say for sure that you've been bitten by a bedbug, only that you've been bitten by an insect.  Most people are not allergic to the bites and are not affected.  If you are highly allergic, please use precautions.  

    Just a reminder about social media sites, please do not post complaints about bedbugs on those types of sites.  We are not professional exterminators and cannot verify the types of insect activity we may see.  This could cause terrible damage to the hotel and also our company.  Send AFA and the company your issues with bugs.

    Please contact your local hotel rep or me for more critter info.

    Julie Lusk